Nick Bostrom

Examining the present to speculate long-term global outcomes
Machine Learning

Nick Bostrom is a Swedish-born philosopher with a background in theoretical physics, computational neuroscience, logic, and artificial intelligence, as well as philosophy. He is a Professor at Oxford University, where he heads the Future of Humanity Institute as its founding director. Nick is the most-cited professional philosopher under the age of 50 and has authored 200+ publications, including Anthropic Bias, Global Catastrophic Risks, Human Enhancement, and Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, a book that helped spark a global conversation about the future of machine intelligence. His papers introduced the simulation argument and the concept of existential risk. Nick’s pioneering work has contributed to shining a new light on the human condition by revealing important connections between our present situation and actions and long-term global outcomes. As a graduate student he dabbled in stand-up comedy on the London circuit, but he has since reconnected with the heavy gloom of his Swedish roots.