What is the Institute?

The Institute is a philanthropic think tank located in San Francisco. The Institute is run as a Public Benefit Corporation. It is a community and a place where people come together to answer thought-provoking questions, examine our most pressing challenges, and collectively work toward real change. Our goal is to facilitate cross-disciplinary discourse that inspires collaboration and action.

Who are the people affiliated with the Institute?

The Institute is composed of trustees and fellows who are working to solve problems for the benefit of humankind. Our trustees are philanthropic individuals who look to collaborate in a diverse group and pave a path forward. Our fellows are leaders in their fields who are working to make the world a better place in specifically deep ways.

How do I engage with the Institute?

We are in our early stage. Please continue to check this website to sign up to our upcoming newsletter. For any inquiry, please submit through our contact page.

How can I contribute to an initiative of the Institute?

To join one of our initiatives, please send a message expressing your interest through our contact page.

is the institute open to the public?

The Institute is closed to the public, but is focused on the mission of public good. The Institute holds events that are both private and public.